Wow! Thoughts on August Dog Days and Minor League Revival

August 31, 2010

Tags: Oriole Resurgence, Buck Showalter, Ray Miller, Johnny Oates, Pat O'Conner and Minor League Baseball, Red Sox Hanging In

August did not bring much relief from the stifling heat and humidity in New York City and environs. They were dog days indeed and thanks to a very interesting point noted by Larry Dierker the versatile former pitcher-broadcaster-author in one of his regular commentaries, in ancient Egypt a dog was actually sacrificed (more…)


August 5, 2010

Tags: Yankees-Rays AL East battle, National anthem brevity, Ebbets Field Exhibit Bklyn Historical Society

I am a moderate liberal in most things, including the weather, so I am glad that July is in the rear view mirror.It was the hottest July on record in New York City and the air-conditioners were really tested. Mine are only five years old and they had some kinks in them but they came through and while I am a semi-luddite they sure were needed in this tough July. August has started brutally too, perhaps some relief on way. Still beats shoveling snow and the fear of slipping on ice.

Thank God too that the trade deadline of July 31 in MLB is now over. (more…)

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