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I am not the biggest fan of inter-league play because it unbalances the intra-league schedule to a ridiculous level. For instance, how can you still call it an American LEAGUE when the longtime rival Cleveland Indians play the Yankees in New York in early April and don’t return again, and the Cubs have to wait until early September to visit their once-arch-rival Mets. The other serious imbalance is the unequal transcontinental schedule. The Red Sox have already finishing traveling to the West Coast while the Yankees still have three trips to make.

Saying all this, there is no doubt that inter-league play is a big hit at the box office and in the TV ratings and is here to stay. And Friday night at new Yankee Stadium there was an ending to the first Mets-Yankees game of the season that provided as infamous a moment as you will ever see. AMAZING DISGRACE read the Daily News’s frontpage headline on Saturday and with good reason  Read More 
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