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I am Lee Lowenfish, a native of New York City who returned to his home town in 1976. After graduating from Columbia in 1963 I spent five years getting master and doctoral degrees in American History at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Those were turbulent exciting years and I did my share of reading, learning, and anti-Vietnam war protesting. I always remained a baseball nut because growing up in New York there were three major league teams, two of which were almost always in the World Series from 1947 through 1958 my formative years. Was a Giant fan and only rooted for the Dodgers when they played the Yankees in the World Series. So I am used to pulling for the underdog.

I am the author of five books about baseball. My latest is Baseball's Endangered Species: Inside the Draft of Scouting By Those Who Lived It - the book came out from University of Nebraska Press on April 1, 2023. In paperback is the award-winning Branch Rickey: Baseball’s Ferocious Gentleman (a Bison Book from the University of Nebraska that also published the hardback in 2007.) The book won a Choice award from the American Library Association and the coveted Seymour medal from SABR (The Society for American Baseball Research).  UNP has also published the third edition of The Imperfect Diamond: A History of Baseball's Labor Wars.  My book with Tom Seaver, The Art of Pitching, is harder to find these days but it has been gratifying to learn that many young pitchers have left from the late Hall of Fame Mets hurler.   I also

wrote The Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Fitness Book with the trainers of MLB.

Coming by April 1, 2023!