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Tonight for the first time in history the first round of Major League Baseball’s Amateur Free Agent Draft will be televised on the sport’s new MLB cable TV network. The consensus is that San Diego State righthander Stephen Strasburg will be the number one pick by the Washington Nationals even though super-agent Scott Boras is throwing around a $50 million price tag that would shatter the $10.5 record set by another right-hander Mark Prior in 2001. Computer addicts will be able to view the rounds after the first one on the TV link to mlb.com .  Read More 
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Maybe No June Swoon This Year in Charm City

Entry of May 27nd
People often ask me: Why am I such an Oriole fan? Well, as one of many New Yorkers who could never root for the Yankees with their fans' outrageous sense of entitlement, the Orioles began to attract my interest when they started to beat the Yankees regularly in the 1960s.  Read More 
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