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Teny Ymota's Mid-May Reflections on His Orioles

On Sunday afternoon May 15th the Orioles were four outs away from their first 8-game winning streak since 2005. But a missed checked swing call on Detroit's J.D. Martinez led to a game-tying HR to center field off usually reliable O's setup reliever Darren O'Day.

One pitch later Miguel Cabrera untied it with a homer of his own, the first time O'Day had given up back-to-back homers in five years. The usually classy O'Day groused afterwards about the missed strike three call by plate umpire Mark Wegner.

O'Day should have kept his yap shut. It's not a good example for young players when veterans snipe at umpires in front of the press. I saw a nicer thing watching on TV yesterday: Chris Tillman in the dugout probably explaining to Kevin Gausman some of the subtle aspects of the starting pitcher's craft.

Tillman has re-emerged as the ace of the Orioles' oft-maligned all-righthanded starting staff. He has won five games and has pitched deep into most games. Gausman can learn a lot from listening to Tillman.

Gausman remains winless in 2016 but was in line for the victory yesterday until the Tigers' home run barrage. Yet he only worked five innings and was lucky to give up just four runs because he didn't command his fast ball all game - his breaking pitches were also erratic. At least he didn't give up any crooked numbers, and he knows in five days he will pitch again.

The Orioles really stifled last year the development of the number 4 pick in the 2012 draft. Gausman kept shuttling back and forth between the Oriole bullpen and Triple A Norfolk. No way for any young player to develop that way. The greater minor league experience of rookie starters Tyler Wilson and Mike Wright have really aided them in the early going of 2016.

Ah the rigors and twists and turns of the long long baseball season. The Cubs even lost a doubleheader to the perpetually struggling Padres last week but they also put a good whipping on the rival Pirates before finally losing 2-1 to Gerrit Cole on Sunday.

My final note this entry is to congratulate the Princeton Tigers for beating Yale two out of three and earning the first bid to this year's NCAA tournament. Too bad a wild pitch by the Elis produced the winning run but it was a classic playoff series.

That's all for now - Teny Ymota - The Earl of New York Your Man On The Aisle - as always urges you to remember: Take it easy but take it!
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