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Have been laid up with arthroscopic knee surgery but can see progress at last through doing my exercises and not trying to do too much too soon. Heading to family in Indianapolis for the entire Christmas week and won’t be posting until the new year. But wanted to wish every reader and every baseball fan, young or old, jaded or romantic, cynical or hopeful, a healthy new year and remember the magic number for Pitchers and Catchers is down to 52 and counting.

And remember to catch the MLB TV network production of the Game 7 1960 World Series climax between the Pirates and the Yankees. It should be repeated many times in the next weeks and it brings back memories of early TV before the bells and whistles and endless graphics and featured players who could play a nine inning game ending 10-9 in only 2 hours and 36 minutes. The panel of participants in the game – Bobby Richardson, Dick Groat and Bill Virdon – had many insightful things to say.

After seeing a tape of Mickey Mantle's RBI single up the middle just eluding him, Dick Groat said that the play had haunted him for 50 years. "Baseball does things to your coconut," Groat memorably told me in an interview I used in my Branch Rickey: Baseball's Ferocious Gentleman bio.

Kudos again to MLB TV Network for making a great show out of the tape that partial Pittsburgh owner Bing Crosby made when he was out of the country and couldn't see the game live. It is well worth seeing and seeing again!

Have posted on my main page the podcast of my appearance at the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse Dec. 8, 2010. I discussed THE IMPERFECT DIAMOND and other current baseball labor issues. The evening brought back fond memories of my days as host of WBAI's 7th Inning Stretch in the 1980s here in my ol' home town of NYC.

Bergino is worth checking out for its great assortment of ornamental baseballs and other intriguing baseball memorabilia. Located between the East and West Greenwich Villages at 67 East 11th Street between University Place and Broadway.

Signing off on Christmas Eve Eve Eve. Take it easy but take it!
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